HISTORY of Atlas Ship Supply

Atlas Ship Supply Co. founded by George Saris in 1979 started with an office and a small warehouse in Istanbul-Karakoy district, which was the center of the shipping industry in Turkey those years.

In its first steps, Atlas started to offer provisions and consumables on One-Stop-Shop supply service basis, to meet the expectations of its customers. With positive feedbacks from the clients and the innovative spirit of the management, the company faced rapid growth in the market.

In 1992, encouraged by its own success Atlas Ship Supply Co. became the first Turkish ship supply company, which had a fully established transit warehouse with a large range of products, dedicated exclusively to ship supply. This innovative movement made a tremendous positive impact in the Turkish market and created a new trend for other companies within the sector. The increasing work and sales volume forced the company to enlarge its network with the establishment of new sub offices in many ports and shipyards of Turkey.

Atlas grew up to a modern ship supply company with all the newest supply chain technologies to accomplish all the provisions, stores and repair solutions.

The continues development and innovation has been well established within the business culture of Atlas Ship Supply. The company has been expanding its existence in ship supply sector by establishing a new company focusing on marine vales distribution.

In 2012, Atlas Marine Valves opened its doors in Tuzla district of Istanbul. The new company established by the management team of Atlas Ship Supply, has been focused on a wide range distribution of JIS & DIN standard valves and valve spare parts.

In 2017 Atlas Marine Valves opened its branch in Singapore as Atlas Marine Valves – Singapore, to provide immediate service for its clients in South Asia & Pacific.

Both Atlas Ship Supply and Atlas Marine Valves has been cooperating under the ‘’umbrella’’ of Atlas Sea Group and operated separately as independent companies.

Within the last decade a new and dynamic Executive Director Mr. Alexis Saris has been actively involved in his family business following the steps of his father and founder of the company Mr. George Saris, who remains as the president of the board. Since then, the experience and dynamism keep forging company’s continuing development and worldwide expansion in ship supply sector, devoted to innovative business policies.

With faith to its vision, Atlas Ship Supply has been completed 40 years of service in Marine Supply Industry with a skillful team of 100 and more professionals, large storage areas and a wide fleet of modern vehicles ready to serve 24/7 its international clientele.